Cuttyhunk Yacht Club

Established in 1956, the Cuttyhunk Yacht Club
fosters a mission to teach children 
ages 6-16 how to sail,
have fun on the ocean, and pass along their knowledge
as instructors. 
We are located on the beautiful island of
Cuttyhunk, the outermost of the Elizabeth Islands.

41.4183°N, 70.9339°W

"So, give three cheers for Cuttyhunk, 
Our spirits all are free. 
And no one knows the time of day, 
Or cares, that's why we, 
Love this isle of Gosnold, 
and every wind that blows. 
In rain or shine we all have fun,
From spring to summer's close."
~Leila Tucker Hall

Photos on website provided by Lawrence I'Anson
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PO Box 188, Cuttyhunk, MA 02713 

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