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Sailing Classes 

Weekly classes are available for kids ages 6-16. Please note, you must be a member to participate. Not a member? Sign up here.

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Classes are available week-by-week, you can sign up for just one week or more. The cost for sailing lessons is $100 a week and includes 3 classes a week. If the cost is prohibitive for your family, please reach out to the treasurer at

The classes are based on A Group (Advanced), B Group (Intermediate), and C Group (Beginner). See schedule and description of classes below:

   Mon  Tue  Wed  Thur Fri   
 9:00-11:00 B Group C Group 

 C Group

B Group C Group   
 1:00-4:00  A Group  B Group --  A Group  A Group

 C Group - Beginner
(previously Level I)

B Group - Intermediate (previously Level II) A Group - Advanced
(previously Level III)

Build on boat handling skills and become a more confident sailor; includes improving tacks, gybes, discussion of points of sail and sail trim, de-powering your boat, and getting out of irons through on and off the water games.

Skill Level: Comfortable sailing an N-10 or another small boat in light to moderate wind with a parent or friend(s).

Improve boat handling skills, introduction to racing rules, tactics, and courses; includes on the water games and racing.

Skill Level: Comfortable sailing N-10's independently and Zests or Lasers in moderate to heavy wind with a parent or friend(s).

Building upon existing knowledge to prepare for regatta level racing; includes boat handling and racing drills, rules and tactics discussions, trapping, spinnaker work, and racing.

Skill Level: Comfortable sailing 420s or Lasers in most conditions.

To Register for Sailing Lessons

To register, first you have to sign up for a CYC membership which costs $120 a year. Once you have signed up, then you can add sailing lessons by signing in

If you have any class registration questions, please e-mail:

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